Twins From HGTV, The Scott Brothers Release 1st Song.

In our household we fight over which twin is cuter, Scott or Jonathan, that's of course after we remember which twin is which.  To be honest, my opinion changes often. The Scott brothers have teamed up for some great HGTV shows that have varied on their "buy it low then renovate it to get what you want" scheme. Now they are branching out to something completely different.

Twin brothers Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are famous for the TV series “Property Brothers”. Now known as “The Scott Brothers”, they are without a doubt a very talented pair. They have recently come into the music industry and they have already taken it by storm with their new country song “Hold On”. Their music career is going to be a hit for sure!

The song is very emotional as it also features scenes of loved ones traveling home to reunite with their families. They have also released a second single called “Let the Night Shine In”. They plan on releasing a full album titled “At Home” too. They are going to be continuing on with their HGTV series as well.  –



What did you think of the twin's first attempt at taking over the music industry?

Okay, I have to admit.  I did tear up a little at the end.


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  1. I love this song. I find

    I love this song. I find myself singing all the time. You two should release more songs. You have great singing voices. I have watched the video several times and I tear up every time especially when the soldier returns home. Keep up with the music. Look forward to your next song. 

  2. “Hold On “, makes me tear up

    "Hold On ", makes me tear up every time I listen to it. It reminds me so much of the many trips to the airport to pick up my son. Eighteen years worth so far. The most emotional was his return home when his father passed away and again when I saw him off to Iraq and again to Afghanistan. The returns were such sweet relief for me and heartbroken , knowing many Moms did not get to greet the homecoming of their child. Being my only son , my grief started when he would walk away down the concourse only relieved when I could see him walking back up that same concourse ,  months later. Thank you for a song that brings memories and tears. Many prayers to parents who will never forget the lonely site of seeing their child walk the concourse for the last time.

  3. Loved it! nice melody, great

    Loved it! nice melody, great words and video. Easy to listen to and the Brothers have good, pleasant voices.





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