Twitter Goes Crazy Over DJ’s Story From His Friday Evening Party

After Ty Sunderland tells the story of a party-goer he calls “Demon Twink,” the DJ’s tweet takes on a life of its own. (Photo Credit: Ty Sunderland Twitter Account)

There are times when a tweet takes on a life of its own and becomes a story unto itself. The latest of these comes in the form of a tweet from the account of DJ and producer, Ty Sunderland. It all started when Sunderland announced a party aboard his “Britney Boat” in Brooklyn, New York on the evening of Friday, July 30.

The party seemed at some point to take a turn because of a certain party-goer Sunderland branded as “Demon Twink.”  Sunderland created a tweet thread to explain the situation.

Sunderland’s original tweet where he coined the term blew up at some point and it didn’t take Twitter enthusiasts long to develop memes and parody posts concerning “Demon Twink.”

Some claimed they knew the real identity of Demon Twink, although it isn’t confirmed.

On Sunday, August 1, Sunderland weighed in on the viral moment he created.

Five hours later, the DJ provided some clarity on the incident.

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Source: Ty Sunderland Twitter Account,


2 thoughts on “Twitter Goes Crazy Over DJ’s Story From His Friday Evening Party”

  1. And nobody socked this fucker in the throat? Seriously?

    Spineless gays getting trashed and walked all over by other gays. Dammit, I hate this shit lol.

    And we wonder why the outside world mocks our community. We can’t even figure out how to freaking conduct ourselves appropriately in society! x.X

    • And the fact that this crime (among other things,) is now hailed as a stunt move or lord knows what is happening now.

      Troye Sivan? A Netflix special? What? That escalated quickly lol, probably all a joke no doubt–but how many of us fiends will tune in for the chance to possibly catch Troye’s tossed salad on a public yacht?

      Ugh this is why I stay away from alcoholics lol. Self destruction.


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