Twitter Purging Russian Bots!

Twitter Purging Russian Bots!

And Trump Supporters Are Losing Their Followers!

HA! Ever since the tragedy at Parkland surrounding a school shooting which left 17 teenagers and school faculty slain, we’ve seen an uproar for gun control and a constant reminder our youth will single handily be deciding the results of our next Presidential election. Umm, safe to say the incoming generation is pretty Liberal. I’m crossing my fingers for a different result in 2020, seriously. We are the change, right?! The school shooting has brought upon disgusting theories that the kids speaking publicly are crisis actors – essentially they are fake and staged by the media to cause paranoia and outrage. These rumors have since been debunked. Signs are pointing to Russian invading the United States media yet again, because apparently these people want to be us, overrule us, something insane. Regardless, I’m not here for it – and nor is one of the most popular social media sites, Twitter.

According to Metro UK, Twitter is now purging Russian bots spreading propaganda and LIES from their site! YES! Apparently, Twitter has been on this. Since January, they’ve deleted over a million accounts which are none to be bots and not real people. Twitter is stating they do not have any political bias, but they are simply removing these fabricated accounts in an effort to stop spreading actual fake news. A spokesperson from Twitter told:

“We focus on suspicious account behaviors that indicate inorganic, automated activity, or abusive behavior. Our systems regularly look for suspicious account behaviors and we proactively take action on accounts that behave in spammy ways, including by requesting additional details like asking account owners to confirm a phone number.”

Well, as it turns out – many Trump Supporters have possibly unknowingly had Russian bots following them…and the recent purge has had them losing followers. Check out a few of these hysterical cries for help below:



See ya, suckers!

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  1. Actually erasing bot accounts

    Actually erasing bot accounts on twitter and other social networks is only a small part of this new edition of "correct the record" by the establishment. The bulk of it, and the real reason of this campaign, is to erase any kind of dissent from the establishment, meaning to eliminate political adversaries and critics of the establishment, so most of the erased accounts are in fact progressive accounts. Add to this the censorship google does through its engine seach and youtube site and you basically have a witch hunt on progressives. But don´t worry, most of the mainstream gay Non Govermental Organizations and political activists are in fact establishment darlings, especially after they supported unconditionaly HRC in her campaign.


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