Twitter Reacts to Drake’s “Bi” Lyric in the Song “Members Only”

People on the internet are now caught up in speculations after listening to one of Drake’s songs in his latest album For All the Dogs.

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In particular, his eighth studio album’s 14th track titled “Members Only” includes the line:


“Feel like I’m bi ’cause you’re one of the guys, girl.”

However, right after those lyrics, the 37-year-old Canadian rapper quickly clarified that the line is a joke, singing:

“All jokes aside, you gon’ wake up the whole east side.”

Not to mention, Drake further sings about the girl’s sexuality:


“Say you started datin’ girls now, say it to me with a straight face
Oh, now it’s girls”

Despite clarifying that his “bi” line is a joke, people on Twitter are still speculating about the “Hotline Bling” singer’s sexuality.

“Nah I think he’s just bi in general but that’s just me,” @prxmr commented.

“His queer baiting era. but if he comes out, omg, it will be a win,” @obynofranc wrote. 


“This man been trying to come out on his last 4 albums,” @WillBarb44 also tweeted.

In fact, “Members Only” is not the first song that made fans speculate about Drake’s sexuality, as his 2021 track “Girls Want Girls” also includes the lines:

“Yeah, talkin’ all the sh*t that you done been through. Yeah, say that you a lesbian, girl, me too.”

Moreover, there are people who pointed out that the line is fetishizing lesbian relationships. Let’s not forget the time when he was insulted for wearing pink nail polish and earrings… The “One Dance” singer responded:


“Get out my comments. You told me to paint my nails so I stop biting them and now the world is being homophobic for the first time since Rich Flex [a previous album, released last year]… which wasn’t that long ago now that I think about it. Wait is the world homophobic? Smh.”

Thoughts on Drake’s lyrics and comments?


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  1. Who cares what he is. Leave him alone. If I went into your closet I’m sure I’d find all kinds of shit. If you haven’t evolved yet, go live in Russia. Grow up….


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