Twitter’s Convinced This Gay Reporter’s Its Collective Boyfriend

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Steve Kornacki wants to thank the world for being so supportive of him and his work.

This has been a stressful week for the United States of America. We have stared in front of our computer and tv screens watching each state as they flipped red or blue. But imagine how crazy this week was for reporters and ballot counters! Thankfully, we all had Steve Kornacki to support us.

Steve Kornacki is a data analyst with MSNBC and is one of the news station’s openly gay regulars (including Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts). Previously, Kornacki, hosted the morning show Up. But during the election, Kornacki worked to keep watchers informed on what was happening with the Electoral College map. Because of that, he gained a boost in his online following and received praise for his supportive reporting. And as Vogue reports, Many fans also posted thirst tweets about the reporter.

And now that Joe Biden has been announced the President-elect, Kornacki wants to thanks fans for their continued viewership and support.

“Uh, hey everybody you may not recognize me,” Kornacki said in a video posted on MSNBC’s Twitter account, according to Out. “There’s no giant touchscreen behind me but Steve Kornacki here. I just wanted to say I saw after I finally left the studio all these incredibly kind and friendly and nice messages everybody had on social media there. I just wanted to thank you.”

So what’s next for Kornacki? Hopefully, a much-earned break. But with the Trump Administration refusing to concede in the election, Kornacki may not get that break just yet. Plus, he may return to political commentary in January when Georgia has a runoff election for Congress. If Democrats win, the Senate will be split 50/50 and Vice Presidential-elect Kamala Harris will get the deciding vote. That could cause a major shift of power within Washington. No matter how that ends, we’re sure Kornacki will have a thing to say about it. And, we can’t wait to hear it.

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