Twitter’s Slaying Jokes Over Study Claiming Gays Are Possessed

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Ghosts? Really?

We’ve been around the block (and then some), so we’re pretty used to hearing dumb rhetoric and fake science. But using a rigged article to say that gays are possessed by ghosts? That’s a new one!


This “study” was brought to the world by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation. Unfortunately, after the study was ridiculed online, the article was deleted before we could read it up ourselves. But as PinkNews reports, the website focused on a holistic approach to overcoming pain and achieving lifelong happiness decided to dabble in both the scientific and the supernatural. They claim that 85 percent of gay people are possessed by some form of a ghostly presence. Specifically, they say that gay men are possessed by female spirits while lesbians are possessed by male ghosts.

“The main reason behind the gay orientation of some men is that they are possessed by female ghosts, and the female ghost in them is attracted to other men,” wrote the website for its now largely debunked and condemned study.


But that’s not the worst of it. The site, which claims to be an all-loving space for spirituality, meditation, holistic healing, and more, claimed that queer people are more prone to unhealthy practices. This includsd “murderous” thoughts, parading around naked with each other, and using “bad words.” The writer of this article said this was because the ghosts possessing us make us “more susceptible to being influenced by negative energies, which give [us] thoughts to encourage them to display [our] homosexuality in a shameless and even aggressive manner.”

Again, this article and fake study were (and still are being) severely mocked after going up online. Though, some of the jokes were in good fun.

“Oh no they finally figured out the homosexual agenda,” joked one Twitter user.

“So what are they claiming?? That people are dying to go gay????” wrote another.



In the end, a poorly thought out study that has no claim to legitimacy had a quick moment in the spotlight before burning and crashing. But hey, at least we got a few funny tweets out of it.

Source: Spiritual Science Research Foundation, PinkNews,

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