Two Gay Men Navigate Friendship in ‘Bad Together’

‘Bad Together’ is an emotional film about friendship between two seemingly opposite gay friends, Robbie and Cameron.

(c) Dekkoo Films / Bad Together

The character of Robbie is being portrayed by Andrés Erickson, while Queer Niro is playing the role of Cameron. Dekkoo’s new feature is written and directed by filmmaker Jono Mitchell, and the film’s official synopsis reads:


“Bad Together follows the evolution of two gay friends who are desperate to connect with one another but have different ways of achieving the bond. They each offer their own version of love and affection and as they chase the ideal of what each deems to be true friendship, they create a relationship that may not be healthy for either one of them.”

In a statement, Mitchell shared what he wants to depict in ‘Bad Together’, explaining:

“I really wanted to explore the idea that a lot of the expectations we hold for ourselves and others can lead to sadness and conflict.”

(c) Dekkoo Films / Bad Together

“Fundamentally you can connect with a person on the most basic level, but ultimately that connection still needs to be built on mutual expectation,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Erickson commended Mitchell for writing a script that focuses on queer friendship rather than romance, expressing:

“It’s not something we see a lot of in queer cinema. There’s often a tendency to focus on the romantic aspects, when in real life things are much more complex and nuanced.”

‘Bad Together’ is set to be released on TVOD via Dekkoo Films on December 5. In the meantime, you can watch the emotional trailer here:

Source: Dekkoo Films

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  1. This looks like it’s gonna be a great original gay series w/ some very cute gay leads. Nice job Dekkoo, also love Dekkoo’s catchphrase – Finally. A streaming service for gay men. Just signed up for their service.


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