Two Guys Tried to Get A Free Meal in the Nastiest of Ways: Watch

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Here’s some fun news to start your Monday off right!

For decades people have come up with creative ways to get their food for free. They have put bugs, spit and anything else deemed nasty in them in order to not pay for their meal. Back in the day this type of foolishness could’ve worked if the place in question didn’t have security cameras capturing your every move.


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Two lads from across the pond didn’t have that same luck during their recent restaurant visit. They hit up Jaan’s BBQ Kitchen Restaurant and Grill in Blackburn, Lancashire where the men pulled a Karen and asked to speak to the manager about something seriously problematic with their food.

What was wrong was that it was littered with, wait for it, PUBES! Yes, pubes, which they happened to pull out of their own crotches and decorate the meal with prior to the staff finding out about it all (see the video here if you can stomach it). 


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The manager and staff of said hotspot were baffled that this would happen (because, DUH). So they took a peek at their CCTV footage where they caught the men red handed, or in this case pube handed. 

An argument then ensued where the two men eventually caved in and paid the 20 pounds ($26.03 in American dollars) for the food which was apparently a huge meal filled with yummy items like naan breads, kebabs, biryani and lamb chops. Just a heads up: these delicacies are only worth sprinkling salt and pepper on and not part of your man junk.


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I think Tatiana’s quote about sums up how I and many other people are feeling about this kind of behavior. 


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