Two Men Hospitalized After Attack By Gang Of Ten Homophobic Teens

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Sadly, in yet another reminder that violent homophobic attacks remain a problem worldwide, a vicious attack on two gay men occurred this week in England. Police in East Hertsfordshire report that the two men suffered life-threatening injuries sustained from a beating by a group of ten teenaged boys and girls, who accosted them in a parking lot. 

Reportedly one man was beaten unconscious while both men suffered extensive fractures to the face and additional serious injuries. According to the East Hertsfordshire police report, the two male victims, aged 25 and 22, were surrounded by the group of raging teens as they waited for a ride home from a local market.


The ten teenagers, all wearing hoodies, allegedly began taunting the two men with homophobic slurs —unprovoked, then launched into a brutal attack, knocking the 22-year-old unconscious with fractures to his cheek, nose, and eye socket. The 25-year-old victim suffered a fractured jaw, split eyebrow, facial cuts and bruises, and a fractured hand.

 Investigator Gary Bangs, from the East Herts Local Crime Unit, released a state of solidarity with the two men and against any forms of hate crime attacks, 

“This despicable attack was completely unprovoked and left both men with serious injuries. They are being supported by specially trained hate crime officers at what is understandably a very difficult time.”

Investigator Bangs shared that “specially trained hate crime officers” will provide counseling to help the two victims come to terms with their horrific attack. Bangs also vows to bring the violent youth to justice, declaring, “Hate crime can have a devastating impact on victims and the wider community as a whole and will simply not be tolerated.” 


To assure the victims and the public of the police’s dedication to holding the ten youths accountable, Bangs also shared, “Meanwhile, our inquiries are continuing to trace those responsible, and we are appealing for anyone with information to please come forward,” 

To all our friends and readers across the pond, anyone with information on this crime is asked to contact Investigator Bangs via email (, anonymously online, or by calling Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.

The instinct Magazine team wishes both victims a successful recovery and we hope justice will be served in this attack and all hate crimes.

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