Two Men Jailed For Using Grindr To Bash Gay Men

Two Australian men were arrested for luring gay men on Grindr and beating them up.

19-year-old Cody Parkinson and 20-year-old James Joseph Katchan are in trouble with the law for using Parkinson’s pictures on a Grindr account to lure gay men into a gay bashing.

Katchan used the pictures to pretend to be a 14-year-old boy in hopes to catch pedophiles.

After being arrested, Katchan pleaded guilty to five assaults from back in January and March.

He says that one of the assaults involved the attack of a 57-year-old man. He and two other men hid behind bushes while Parkinson waited out in the open. When the man got closer, the three others jumped out and attacked him causing internal bleeding and head injuries. On top of that, Katchan filmed the attack.

According to Perth Now, another attack involved a 35-year-old man who agreed to show up at a park in Kenwick. Apparently, Katchan yelled out, “Hey, you pedophile faggot,” before punching the man in the face and beating him with a bat embedded with metal rings.

John Hawkins, Katchan’s lawyer, says Katchan’s intention was to punish pedophiles but the judge retorted that “there was absolutely no justification” for the assaults.

Meanwhile, Parkinson, who only admits to helping with the last assault, was also sent to jail with his sentence lasting for two years.

While the two other participants in one of the attacks have also been charged for assault, Parkinson claims that there is a group outside established to guard their area from pedophiles.

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