Two Men In Trial For Molesting Their Driver

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Two men are being accused by their male ride-share driver of molesting him while the car was moving.

Mr. H and Mr. M, aged 39 and 40 respectively, are the focus of a new trial in Singapore, according to the Straits Times. The two appeared in court on Monday, August 2, and are each facing one count of outrage of modesty. They are being represented by a lawyer named Kalaithasan Karuppaya.


According to court documents, both men are friends and met with a third friend for drinks at a bar on November 11, 2018. After a night of drinking, H and M booked a ride-share with a company called Grab. They set off with two locations, the first being M’s home and the second being H’s home.

In the early hours of November 12, the two were picked up along Neil Road and sat in the car’s back seats. It’s during this drive that the driver, a 32-year-old, says he was molested by the two. The victim alleges that M, a Singaporean freelance interior designer, touched his nipples under his shirt and rubbed his groin while the car was traveling along the Central Expressway.

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The victim, who cannot be named due to a court gag order to protect his identity, says that wasn’t all. He recounts Mr. H moving to the front passenger seat after Mr. M was dropped off, according to Yahoo News. The driver says Mr. H, a Malaysian and Singaporean hairdresser, then touched his thigh, kissed his left cheek as well as the left side of his lip, and rubbed his groin.


Mr. H then instructed the driver to stop at a multi-story carpark near his home. Mr. H got out and asked the driver to wait while he relieved himself, but the driver then left the building.

Around 3 in the morning, the driver lodged a complaint with local police. He also handed over Mr. H’s belongings, which he left in the car. This includes a bag, an iPhone, his Malaysian driving license, and more. The two were then arrested on November 14, 2018.

If the two suspects are found guilty of their charges, they could face up to two years in jail, be caned, made to pay a fine, or some combination of the three.

Source: The Straits Times, Yahoo News, The Independent,

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  1. The passengers appear to be guilty of very bad behavior, which the driver could have ended it when & where it started. He didn’t. End of story.

  2. Honestly this seems totally benign. The driver basically failed to react and tell the men to stop. That weakness is on HIM, sorry, but the law doesn’t make additional awards to those unwilling to help themselves. What a fool.

    You’re telling me this man just froze there like a deer in headlights? FOR POTENTIALLY SEVERAL HOURS? You’re fucking kidding me right?

    OH and only AFTER the final encounter did he slip away unnoticed? Sorry but were these men holding a gun to your head? No? So why in god’s name did you feel so victimized?? 😂🤣😂 Are you thirteen in a middle school locker room, tf is going on here people need to grow tf up!

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  4. Are you guys serious? How dare you make light of sexual assault. ‘Gay’ doesn’t mean we all want to have sex with everyone. To my dismay and disgust, this attitude is pervasive in our community. If you have no respect for yourselves, at least have respect for others.

  5. If I was that driver and the two guys were hot 🔥, well then molest away!!! I could think of a lot of hot fantasies with this story.

    • This is probably why they called the cops–because the two men weren’t Hollywood celebrity beauty standards level.

      Regardless, the fact that we let Serial Killers and Rapists kill and rape “because they’re hot” just shows how fucking low as a community we’ve fallen.


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