Two Men with Similar Daddy Issues Embark on a Whirlwind Romance

Two men with family / daddy issues cross paths and embark on a whirlwind love affair, which is bound to get sexy and messy…

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‘Pet Shop Days’ is directed by American film producer Olmo Schnabel. The romance thriller is starring Dario Yazbek Bernal as Alejandro who is described as a “spoiled, rebellious young adult who has bonded — perhaps unhealthily — with his mother Karla (Maribel Verdú) under the oppressive thumb of his father Castro (Jordi Mollà), a well-established Mexican crime lord,” as per Variety


Meanwhile, Jack Irv is portraying the character of Jack — “an aimless 20-year-old living with his affluent parents Francis (Willem Dafoe) and Diana (Emmanuelle Seigner).” Alejandro flees to New York after committing vehicular manslaughter, which was caused by his “halfhearted suicide attempt.”

There, he meets Jack while working at a pet shop. Alejandro then seduces Jack, and the latter eventually develops deeper feelings for him. On top of their alluring, but toxic love affair, their respective family and personal lives also face challenges that continue to haunt them.

Aside from starring in the film, Irv also co-wrote ‘Pet Shop Days’ together with Schnabel and Galen Core. Moreover, the official synopsis of the queer romance thriller reads:

“In an act of desperation, impulsive black sheep Alejandro flees his home in Mexico. On the run from his unforgiving father, Alejandro finds himself in New York City where he meets Jack, a college age pet store employee with similar parental baggage. Together the two enter a whirlwind romance sending them down the rabbit hole of drugs and depravity in Manhattan’s underworld. When Alejandro’s past threatens to catch up with him, Jack is forced to choose between his family and a life on the run.”

‘Pet Shop Days’ is showing at the La Biennale di Venezia, and you can learn more information about it here.


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  1. I noticed comments on another article about there not being many gay thrillers…well it looks like there will be 2 coming out soon 👍


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