Two More LGBTQ Characters To Join The MCU

We have more news of LGBTQ inclusion in Marvels’ Phase 4.


It’s becoming more and more clear that Marvel’s main mission in this two-year phase is to bring representation into the MCU. The new phase is actively pushing for diversifying its hero list with multiple female characters, black characters, Asian characters, and apparently multiple LGBTQ characters.

While word is still out on whether my suspicions of Hulkling and Wiccan being on the way, it looks like the rumors of multiple LGBTQ characters in the MCU are a reality.

Geeks WorldWide reports that Marvel Studios is currently looking for a trans actress to join the Box Office juggernaut. The casting call is asking for a transwoman actress of any ethnicity in her 20s and 30s to play a “Jessica.” It’s obvious that the “Jessica” name is code for whatever character Marvel is hiding.

Some believe that the role in question will be Sera, Marvel comic’s only transwoman superhero and that she’ll appear in Thor: Love and Thunder.


As Geeks WorldWide reports:

“In the comics, Sera is an Anchorite, a small group of male, wingless Angels who were kept inside a temple in Heven, the Tenth Real. Sera was the only one of the Anchorites who identified as a woman, thus being the first and, so far, only major trans woman in Marvel comics. She was kept inside the temple until she met Angela, Thor’s long-lost half-sister, and helped her defeat a monster. For her help, Angela freed Sera and they stuck together through many adventures across the Nine Realms, eventually becoming lovers.”

Image via Marvel Comics

But that’s all speculation for now. There is currently no word on who exactly this role is and where she would pop up. But many know who they want to play the role? Pose, Her Story, and American Horror Story’s Angelica Ross.


But this isn’t the only LGBTQ news involving Marvel Studios. Not only is Valkyrie going to find her Queen and an unidentified trans female character going to appear somewhere in the MCU, but there will be a gay immortal as well.

Yes, after the iconic Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige confirmed that there would be a gay character in the upcoming Eternals film. There have been gay rumors swimming around the film for months, but Feige has now confirmed the news. Though, Feige didn’t give any details.

So, the question is still open for who it will be. The casting rumor was that it would be the lead role, which is assumably Icarus. With Richard Madden, who has played gay before, cast in the role, this rumor could be true. But there is currently no affirmative info to confirm.

But what we do know for certain is that the MCU is getting four new LGBTQ characters sometime within the next two years (counting Valkyrie’s queen), and that’s something to celebrate.

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