Two Rugby players “get reacquainted” Down Under.

Is what happened in the video below similar to when boxers kiss at weigh-in?

But it is down under and rugby, so we must expect a different tradition, no?

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Two Australian television hosts had the opposite reaction to Willie Mason's cool and collected response when his genitals were pulled by an opposition player.

Yesterday Mason, a veteran NRL player now plying his trade for Manly, was about the play the ball before his former Newcastle teammate Korbin Sim went in for a grope.

Big Willie seemed unfazed by the incident, seemingly oblivious to Sims' tug.

But on Channel Nine's Today Show presenter Karl Stefanovic couldn't contain his laughter as he chatted with fellow television personality Eddie McGuire.

Stefanovic described the incident as "quite obscene", but covered his face in uncontrollable laughter.

McGuire, known more for his a staunch support of AFL rather than league, had his own theory on what lead to Sims' grope.

Maybe the coach said "Quick! Grab Willie," McGuire suggested, much to Stefanovic's amusement.

"Maybe he heard the security guards say 'check everyone's bags'," he said, making Stefanovic laugh even louder. –  For that video, go to  TVNC.CO.NZ

I think I like this video better than our American Football players slapping each other's asses.  If this happened in the NFL, if someone groped Gronk's gonads, what would the response be from the players and the league?  Here's Mason's, the gropee's response to the incident.

After the match, Mason said he found the incident “hilarious” and he hoped no punishment would come to Sims as a result of it.

"I hope he doesn't [get charged for the incident] because me and Korbin are really good mates and I think it was unlucky because of the timing of it all.

"I knew what he was doing. I was talking to him as he was doing it.

"I didn't even flinch."

The two were team-mates at Newcastle from 2012-14 and Mason, 35, described it as a bit of fun between two mates.

"It was quite funny to me. He's just a good young kid and I would hope that nothing is done because of it," Mason said.

"It's just two good team-mates from the last three years having a good old … just having a good reacquaintance." –

See, they were just having a little fun, and we all benefited.

Happy Monday.

3 thoughts on “Two Rugby players “get reacquainted” Down Under.”

  1. Totally, totally natural for

    Totally, totally natural for human beings to touch each other freely. It is only our society that represses and stops us from being so free. Boundaries are good in many ways and it has helped us to be civilized. However, things like this moment are actually very natural in the animal kingdom. …Is it a big deal? Well, yes because most people now do not touch each other so freely like that, and we have grown accustomed to being embarrassed or even offended by it. For every other reason, it is just not that big of a deal. …Most likely they already knew each other well off of the field. It is sincerely possible that they have in fact been naked together and done this as well. It would take a while for "straight" men to build up to that, but it happens aaalllll the time. People who say that they are straight are actually gay, or even bisexual at heart. 

    Overall, to me, it is not a big deal. Just two men being explorative and flirty on the field. (Don't go and do this though in your own life!!! Not unless you know the guy very very well and you have built up a respectful sexual relationship first….I worry about young people trying this out! Especially in the wrong situation, this could have a very bad ending. For these guys, they already know each other well.)   🙂  I love their casual mutual behavior. It's cool to see!

  2. It’s what str8 mates do. Str8

    It's what str8 mates do. Str8 blokes do the gayest things around and to one another! It's good old tom foolery between good mates. Nothing more. But get some beeers down and everyone gets pissed then we'll have some fun and see who can be Jack the Lad! LOL! (*please note, that I am attempting to write this post in the voice of an Aussie or British male persona, cheers!)

  3. Damn I wish Rugby was popular

    Damn I wish Rugby was popular in Canada I hate sports but I would be there if this genital grabbing was something that happened regularly 🙂


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