Two Separate Violent Beatings Have SF/Oakland Police Searching For Clues

Two men in the San Francisco area were separately attacked on the same night. The violent beatings have left police in both Oakland and San Francisco searching for answers.


According to the local ABC affiliate, the beatings of two Bay Area men have police in Oakland and San Francisco baffled as they search for motives.

Scott Long, a human rights activist on LGBTQ issues in Oakland, was struck from behind with what he thinks was a tire iron on June 9, near the corner of 35th Avenue and Kansas Street in Oakland.

"I suddenly felt this huge blow right upside my head over my ear," says Long. His injuries were so severe he had to have surgery to reconstruct his jaw and cheekbone.

Describing his assailant as “very thin white male, shorter than he,” Long recalls being struck at least four times.


Long has no clue as to why he was attacked. Oakland Police continue to followup on the investigation.

Tim Tait of San Francisco was stunned to be attacked in San Francisco in the year 2018.


"San Francisco, 2018 – there is so much diversity and so much acceptance and this is still happening," said Tait.

He was targeted because he's a drag queen who goes by the name “Ginger Snap.” 

Tait left the Eagle Bar at South of Market at around 10 o'clock, also on June 9. After making a left on Bernice Street to go home, Tait felt a blow to his head.

"Got about one-quarter of the way down the block when I felt a bang to the head and started to get attacked," says Tait. During the beating Tait was punched, kicked and dragged.


Officer Joseph Tomlinson with the San Francisco Police Department says surveillance camera video has been found and is being reviewed for any details that may help identify the attacker.

San Francisco Police are treating the attack as a hate crime.

With Pride Weekend beginning tomorrow, Robert Rueca of the San Francisco Police Department is recommending that people travel in groups.

"If you have the ability to move with a group, absolutely do so," said Rueca.


Watch the report from ABC 7 below.



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