Two Sexy Dudes Proclaim Their Love for Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith may have more than one boyfriend, only one, or none. It’s a bit confusing.


The Get Down star made headlines in early November when he said that rapper Tyler the Creator was his boyfriend. Tyler asked for Jaden’s d pics during an interview two months earlier. Hmm.

Jaden then doubled down a couple of days later and reconfirmed that Tyler was his boyfriend. The state of their relationship is still in question, however there are a couple of other dudes in the situation now that has claimed that Jaden is his as well.


Justin Bieber, who is currently married to model Hailey Baldwin, left a funny comment on Jaden’s most recent upload saying, “Thought I was your boyfriend.” He’s obviously kidding, but someone else then butted in with their two cents regarding their love for Jaden.

Actor Noah Centineo, who has kissed one of his male friends on the lips in the past, chimed in with “I love you.”

OK, what is REALLY going on here? Is any of this factual? It comes off as one big joke, at least from Noah and Justin’s words, but is there ever going to be photo confirmation that Jaden and Tyler are an item?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  2. That would be hot , and in

    That would be hot , and in all honesty could be true , there is some truth in “joking” or so I’ve been told .


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