Two Transgender Models Are the New Faces of Diesel’s Latest Campaign

We at Instinct have been keeping our eye on Benjamin Melzer for some time now ( Get To Know The New Transgender 'Men's Health' Cover Model and Check Out The First European Men's Health Cover To Feature A Trans Man ).  Now the rest of the world will be seeing him and fellow transgender model Loiza Lamers in Diesel's newest fashion campaign.


Transgender models have been making waves in the fashion industry as of late, and Benjamin Melzer and Loiza Lamers are no exception. Now, the models are collaborating with the jean brand Diesel and German clothing line About You, according to Mic.

Both Melzer and Lamers have already received their fair share of accolades in the fashion world. Melzer was the first transgender male to appear on the cover of Germany’s Men’s Health and Lamers won Holland’s Next Top Model, becoming the first transgender model to do so.

In an interview with Mic, Melzer said he and Lamers were already working together to “raise awareness to create more opportunities for transgender models in campaigns for major brands.” Diesel heard about their idea and “loved it,” said Melzer. A Diesel spokesperson said both Melzer and Lamers “perfectly support the brand’s attitude: free-spirited, against all odds and fresh young minds.” –





Melzer and Lamers hope their work with Diesel will inspire other transgender models. Melzer emphasized: “It’s so important right now that we continue to strive and work hard to break through that glass ceiling so transgender men and women are not seen as a fad or hype.” Lamers echoed similar sentiments. She hopes that when people see their campaign they will see “two hard-working models.” –


We're excited to see Ben and Loiza doing great and representing their nations as well as transgender models. Keep up the great work!



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