Two Very Interesting Couples Get Engaged on the ‘Will & Grace’ Season Finale

The season finale of Will & Grace found two very interesting couples get engaged, and one break apart for good.  

On last week's episode, Grace's father Martin (Robert Klein) decides to move in with the two of them after Will gave some ill-advised advice regarding the state of his home that he still lived in after his wife Bobbie (Debbie Reynolds) passed.  

We also find that Jack's Staten Island cop boyfriend Drew (Ryan Pinkston) doesn't want to be with him anymore as he's freshly out of the closet and wants to experience life as an out and proud gay man, and Karen is once again having an affair with Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) but is doing her best to keep it a secret from not only Stan but everyone else in her life.

All of those situations come to a head in a very rushed season finale (this whole season sort of had that vibe) where two couples get engaged in the span of them meeting within a 24 hour time frame.

One of the most cherished guest stars from the original eight season run finally made an appearance on the revival, as Will's mother Marilyn (Blythe Danner, who looks fabulous) visits their apartment with her three beagles.  Martin is living with Will & Grace, much to their frustrations, yet he and Marilyn hit it off instantly as they have one major thing in common: they have both lost their longterm partners in life (George, played by Sydney Pollack, passed away in real life back in 2008).  

And then the inevitable happens: Will and Grace discover Martin and Marilyn having sex, which sends both of them into a tizzy.  By the end of the episode, Marilyn not only decides to move in with Will & Grace but also gets engaged to Martin in the process which sends our two titular characters into a further downward spiral.

Jack, on the other hand, tries to rebound from getting dumped by taking a trip to Ibiza and falling for a flight attendant named Estefan (Brian Jordan Alvarez).  This culminates in the two of them flying back to NYC together and getting engaged right after Martin and Marilyn do.  The common theme in these engagements is that both couples don't want to end up like Will & Grace: alone and still living with one another later on in life.

It's a sentiment that Karen discusses towards the end of the episode when she decides to end things with Malcolm in favor of staying with Stan.  There is still some major hilarity involved as they both use Smitty as a sexual pawn of sorts which leaves the "down on your luck" bartender eventually saying "hashtag #metoo" as they both take advantage of him in a totally wrong but hysterical kind of way.

The episode ends with the realization that if Martin and Marilyn actually do walk down the aisle, that WIll & Grace will become brother and sister.  It leaves them once again in a panic, as the discussion of how close the two of them are has been constant ever since the original series run, so will their parents potentially getting married finally split these two apart in different ways?  Will Jack & Estefan's relationship go the distance, and will we ever meet Karen's husband Stan?  Season 2 of the revival is set to premiere in September. 

What did you think about the season finale of W&G?  

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