Two Wilton Manors Men Arrested And Jailed For Public Park Sex

Do people really have sex in parks nowadays? Apparently so. Two Florida residents were allegedly caught “having relations,” yes that means sex in a Wilton Manors park.


In broad daylight. With people and kids around. According to NBC Miami,

“Robert Alexander Kates, 54, and Brian John Brooke, 61, were spotted by a witness who went to the neighboring Wilton Manors Police Department Thursday to report it, according to the arrest reports.”

Those witnesses also reported that at the time there were a good number of people playing tennis, pickle ball and volleyball on the courts in Hagen Park.  And how close was this to the police station? A police officer who was filling his patrol car with gas just simply walked over to the park at 2020 Wilton Drive and saw the men engaging in a sex act.

The two men were caught literally with their pants down by a police officer who ordered them to pant up and sit down on the ground. Both men were handcuffed and charged with lewd and lascivious exhibition (lascivious, when was the last time you used that word in a sentence.)


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Both Kates and Brooke cooperated fully with authorities, but yet still remained jail as of Monday on $500 bond each. That seems somewhat harsh.

As details emerge, I wonder if these two men were just homeless and had no other place to go. That being said, I am not excusing their actions in any way. They broke the law.

But, you couldn’t find an abandoned building or a more secretive location?

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  1. Aside from what they did, it’s sad to see gay homeless people. Wonder if there’s somewhere around there that could help them.


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