Tyler Oakley Admonishes Social Media Influencers Not Only Attending Large Parties But Also Posting About It

Tyler Oakley expresses his frustrations at social media influencers who are disregarding social distancing guidelines and posting about it. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Tyler Oakley Official YouTube Channel)

YouTuber Tyler Oakley is not afraid to speak his mind.  One look at his Twitter account will confirm that. 



In his latest YouTube video, Oakley puts irresponsible social media influencers on blast for not only holding or attending large parties against social distancing guidelines during a pandemic but also that these influencers are putting these parties on their social media. The posts below are evidence of this including the tweet which managed to capture a great number of TikTok videos from a party in Los Angeles over last weekend.


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Oakley starts off the video saying in a disappointed tone:

“It’s been five months of the coronavirus and we still have to have this conversation.  I am tired and exhausted and frustrated and uninspired and feeling stuck.  And it is just a culmination of a million things and then I get on Instagram, and I see people’s stories and it’s like they’re acting as if we live in a pandemicless society. And this is not like the places around the world that have got things under control and have no coronavirus anymore and can go do the things they want to do. We’re talking like places like Texas, Florida, California, and all around the country where cases are on the rise and you have people just throwing parties, living their lives as if people won’t probably die from their really inappropriate actions. And I feel like I’m going crazy, but I know that it’s them that are doing the wrong things, right?”


Oakley’s frustrations mirror many people’s exact frustrations at these selfish people like the influencers who are out having or attending big parties where there is little to no social distancing.

Oakley admonishes the influencers’ actions as well as their blatant behavior to broadcast their selfish acts.

“There’s one thing to go and do what you want and not social distance or wear a mask… but then how dumb do you have to be to post it on your Instagram story and act like this is appropriate behavior. I have to fucking say something, and I feel like I’m screaming into the void right now. Because it’s like nobody else is calling these idiots out for their bullshit.”

Oakley also is not afraid to call out the Karens that people have caught on video having fits and refusing to wear masks in a public place.


“All you have to do is wear a little thing. You go into stores all day long, all the time, all year, all your life where there’s a dress code. What’s so different about putting on a mask? It is not oppressive, and the weirdest thing is like the people who really don’t want to wear a mask are the same people who insist ‘All Lives Matter.’ They don’t want to talk about black lives matter. Well, bitch, if all lives matter, you would wear a mask because you care about all lives. That’s what wearing a mask is. It’s caring about everyone around you. If all lives fucking matter, put a fucking mask on.”

Oakley speaking out about these topics echoes the exact things some people here in the United States have been thinking.  With the total amount cases at over 5.5 million and 174 thousand deaths, it would be nice if people take this pandemic seriously and stop acting either like the pandemic isn’t real or they won’t get it.

Oakley concludes the video by thanking those who have been doing the necessary things during this time. 

You can watch Oakley’s video in full below.


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