Tyler Posey Admits He’s ‘Hooked Up’ With Men In The Past: Watch

Credit: Tyler Posey Instagram

Tyler Posey can’t stop making headline news. First he joins OnlyFans, then he puts his glorious booty on display in his new film, and now he’s admitted to getting with dudes in his past. 


The former Teen Wolf star chatted about his sexuality in a new interview on SiriusXM’s The Jason Ellis Show while bringing up a separate incident that inspired him to come forth about his own truth. 

“I woke up one morning and I saw all this stuff on Instagram about these transsexual women who were being beaten and harassed, and there were a bunch of people that were filming the whole entire interaction and laughing at them,” he explained. 

“Originally I was just shedding light on that, through whatever way that I could,” he continued. “And, then I was hit with wanting just to come out myself with that whole thing and be honest about it.”

Tyler then touched on the influence he has built over his elongated career and how being honest about himself in the public eye can help millions of others out there.



“I know there’s a lot of kids that look up to me and I just want to f**king get rid of that stigma [and show] you can be whoever you want to be, get with whoever you want to get with, and it doesn’t affect you and it doesn’t affect them,” he said. “The world’s f**king weird and it should be. And, there’s too much stigmas on everything and sexuality, especially.”

The hunky actor made jaws drop earlier in the week when he made a huge confession on his OnlyFans account. He fielded a question from a fan who point blank asked him if he had “hooked up” with men in the past.

Here’s his answer: