Tynomi Banks On What She Learned From “Canada’s Drag Race” Experience & He Dancing (And Lip Syncing) For Deborah Cox

Tynomi Banks may not have snagged the crown on Canada’s Drag Race, but what she did do is show any queen coming up behind her the quintessential way to perform a Deborah Cox anthem-in front of Deborah Cox! This Toronto, ON native was thrilled to see the Drag Race franchise finally come to the north, and sat down with me to chat her Drag Race experience, what she learned from the judges during her run. Do I think this is going to be the last of this stunner?-“Absolutely Not”! 

Photo Courtesy-World of Wonder/Crave

Michael Cook: You are part of the inaugural part of the cast of Canada’s Drag Race. What does it feel like to be creating history?


Tynomi Banks: From the inside, it feels like fireworks and explosions. Then you realize that you are part of this history; we are making history as the first girls in Canada on Canada’s Drag Race. Finally; we have been waiting years to be on the show and now here it is!  We didn’t know the show was going to come here and for me especially, I was looking into getting a visa actually and getting sponsorships. The question is always “how bad do you want this”-and I want it badly. So let’s do it.

Photo Courtesy-World of Wonder/Crave

MC: You knew some of your fellow competitors like Lemon, so was it surreal to walk in and see some familiar faces on the workroom?

TB: Right when I walked into the room and saw them, it was very warming and loving and I was happy. It was all of our first times, and it’s a scary thing at the same time.


MC: While on the show, you got to hit the main stage and send home a couple of your competitors. What was it like really getting to lip sync on the main stage?

TB: I loved it. I wasn’t ever afraid. I knew through all of the bad critiques and everything, I knew the stage and the stage is me. This is my life, I am going to take this girl out if that is what I have to do, that is what I know! 




MC: You have been a backup dancer for Deborah Cox, who was also the guest judge during one of your episodes. What was the experience like?

TB: First of all, I thought it was AMAZING! I have danced with her for almost ten years. When you see people like that on the show, you just have to be professional. I literally had no idea she would be there, and then I had to lip sync for my life in front of her. I know she didn’t say it, but she looked at me and it was like “okay this is my song..you should know this”. I said to myself, “oh yeah I am gonna make you proud”.


MC: What do you think you learned from the judges this season that you could take from the competition and implement going forward?


TB: I think when Brooke Lynn (Hytes) mentioned me being in my head, I think that is something that I am going to take away. I think I might have taken the whole thing a little bit too seriously. I should have just been open like the other girls and having fun. I did have fun, but I think I could have had even more fun.

Photo Courtesy-World Of Wonder/Crave

MC: How are you staying creatively fueled throughout quarantine?

TB: You know what, we have been lucky. The world of virtual performances are literally on the rise. I have been contacted by people asking me to make a music video and things like that. Getting my creative juices going, but sitting down and directing my own music videos has been a blessing. Online performances as well, and I have been picking up makeup lessons with artists in the top of their field. We have been doing tutorials together, I have been learning new techniques and I really think this is the time. We have the time and I don’t think I would have been able to schedule these moments before.


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“Canada’s Drag Race” airs on WOW Presents Plus and Crave, as well as Logo starting Monday July 27th (check local listings).


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