Tyra Banks Accused Of Copying Drag Race Star!

Tyra Banks Accused Of Copying Drag Race Star!

Was Her Paper Magazine Cover Inspired By Queens Or Creativity?

Kim Kardashian literally did break the internet with her Paper Magazine cover. Since then, Paper is constantly trying to recreate the hashtag, #BreakTheInternet, with every person that graces their cover moving forward. Recently, Nicki Minaj was seen on their cover pleasuring herself in a scandalous photoshoot. They are a huge magazine, that covers – I’m not certain, Entertainment? – but desperately try to outdo themselves each time. Can they ever truly break the internet as they once did with the queen of media, Kardashian?

Their latest cover features the iconic, Tyra Banks. Yes, you know Banks from being the ultimate supermodel and host of America’s Next Top Model, which seemingly sparked RuPaul’s Drag Race. Banks brought LGBTQ characters into our homes via television since her first season and hasn’t stopped showing her loves for the gays since. She’s constantly supportive, which could mean that she’s actually an avid Drag Race fan, right?! I mean, the show was not only ripped off of her idea, but is right up her alley of entertainment. Hell, isn’t it all of ours?!

Well, Banks decided to dress up as a leopard/cat for Paper’s latest photo shoot. She’s virtually unrecognizable…and low key, made myself – and plenty others – think of standout star Nina Bo’Nina Brown from the most recent season of Drag Race. Brown legit did this exact outfit a few months ago. Check out Brown’s rendition of this leopard/cat below:

Twitter and myself are onto you Miss Banks!


Do you think Banks copied off of Brown or do great minds think alike?!

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  1. And the drag queen copied/was

    And the drag queen copied/was-inspired-by the costumes from the Broadway play, Cats. There are no "new" ideas. Just inspiration.


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