Tyra Banks Fumbles With The Stars

Image via YouTube | Week 4 Elimination – Dancing with the Stars

Tyra’s Been Hosting Dancing With The Stars And She’s Been Having Everything But A Ball

Dancing with the Stars (DTWS) is another reality competition series that isn’t hurting from the pandemic we’re currently in. Like most reality shows, they don’t necessarily require a live audience and the cast is relatively small, so they are able to get tested regularly and appear to be following the safest precautions for their cast and crew. However, the current season has been filled with a handful of ridiculousness. First, the casting choice of a potential murderer, Carole Baskin, was great for a stunt but awful morally. Second, the show fired their longtime hosts, Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron. Andrews and Bergeron are the modern-day Vanna White and Pat Sajek, so the couch potatoes and Midwest moms who are rabid fans of the show freaked out at their damning loss. The series replaced them with the one and only Tyra Banks. Banks is phenomenal and an icon in any playbook, but she isn’t being well received by the DWTS audience.


Banks knows how to showcase herself. She’s a groundbreaking model, narcissistic, drop dead gorgeous, and is not only a supermodel but a brand. She carried and built the careers of many aspiring models and let’s not kid ourselves, inspired RuPaul to create Drag Race. Banks has a huge fan base because those who “get” her, love her. It’s Tyra’s world and we’re all just living in it – she’s a diva. However, on a family friendly, happy-go-lucky Brady Bunch-esque show, she probably won’t fair well – and DWTS fans are widely letting that be known.

According to Yahoo, Banks is struggling being DWTS host so much that the audience is calling for her resignation. After the many complaints about her attire, attitude, and overall demeanor, in the latest episode, Banks made a flub and announced a bottom two team as safe – only for her to come back on her words and announce them as a part of the bottom two. Eventually, that dancing pair which consisted of Netflix’s Cheer star, Monica Aldama, was listed as safe – for real, and our beloved Anne Heche was eliminated. Banks kept reiterating that it’s live television and anything can happen. However, you can see she is flustered and clearly out of her element when she finally returns to the screen. She blames the error on producers behind the scenes and literally throws out the rest of her bit as if she’s playing a game of Taboo – her words are like lightening and she’s trying to hurry up the dialogue as they are short on time. She’s a professional, no doubt, but any fan of Banks knows this isn’t the right gig for her… and she likely may not be invited back for next season. It’s kind of like seeing Mariah Carey on American Idol… it seems very out of place.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a crazy mishap on live television in recent years. Do you remember when Family Feud host Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe in 2015? Sometimes reality television – and live reality television at that – is a disaster. Let’s hope the DWTS audience warms up to Banks, because we all know she can master anything she does.

DWTS airs every Monday on ABC. While Heche is gone, they still have a star studded cast filled with the forever fabulous Johnny Weir, Catfish host Nev Schulman, One Day at a Time and Six Feet Under alumni, Justina Machado, and the ever-so-sexy Jesse Metcalfe. There are plenty of reasons to tune in!

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