Tyson Beckford Strips Down Big Time on Social Media

Tyson Beckford has done a pretty good job at keeping millions of people thirsty for him over his illustrious career.

The internationally-known male model has kept our taste buds flowing on social media in recent years, where the 47-year-old has posted so many unbelievably hot photos that we may just need to check into the emergency room at some point for dehydration.

Well, Tyson may have just shared his sexiest photo yet. 

The pic is a seflie of sorts, where Tyson is wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein underwear (a brand that helped make him famous in the 90's) and some stunner shades to go along with. The underwear in question is riding dangerously low, however, where you pretty much get a peek at almost everything he's got. Yay.



Becky got a tan fast#tysonbeckford #beard #blackexcellence #teamtyson #tan #darkness

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"Becky got a tan fast," he captioned. LOL. Notice how the comments are disabled from the post as we are sure he didn't feel like getting a zillion notifications on his phone about how everyone wants to get in his undies and more.

He posted something similar back in December that showed him holding onto his massive package, as if he was giving us a present of sort. We accept and will continue to do so.

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