U.S. Navy Investigating Uploaded Peeping Tom Vids

Photo by vimal cleetus on Unsplash

Someone within the Navy had a terrible idea and access to a camera. And now, the military organization is looking to find out the identity of that someone.

According to NBC News, the Naval Criminal Investigation Service is currently looking into the case of dozens of service members being recorded in a bathroom. Videos of those personal moments were uploaded onto PornHub, and an NCIS agent discovered them (before the videos were deleted). Many of the videos show sailors and marines in uniform as they change their clothes. But that’s not all, many civilians were recorded as well.


Right now, investigators believe a peephole into the bathroom was used to record the moment. They’ve also gathered that some of the recording’s victims were assigned to the USS Emory S. Land, a submarine supplier vessel assigned to Guam. That said, they currently have no idea when the videos were recorded.

NCIS agents have started alerting people in the videos of the unwarranted recordings. But, the investigation continues in finding out who is responsible for the recordings in the first place.

Source: NBC News,

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