UFC Fighter Doesn’t Want School to Turn His Kid Gay

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There’s a lot to unpack here. 

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell, age 29, made headlines earlier this week after a bizarre rant on Instagram went viral while highlighting his views on homosexuality and the curriculum of public schools. It was a difficult listen, to be honest, and I cannot – for the life of me – understand how a grown man in 2024, who has a degree in economics, could have such little understanding of the world. 


Hailing from Arkansas, Bryce Mitchell was once a rising star in the UFC after competing in The Ultimate Fighter. He currently competes as a Featherweight and holds a professional record of 16 wins and 2 losses (7-2 while in the UFC). He’s a former Fight of the Night and Performance of the Night winner… and apparently a wannabe country rapper, for some reason. 

The Advocate has transcribed some of his viral rant, thank god for saving me the trouble, and it goes as follows: 


My son’s going to have to be homeschooled. We’re gonna have to homeschool all our kids or they’re going to end up turning gay. I don’t want him to be a communist, I don’t want him to worship Satan, and I don’t want him to be gay. My son ain’t gonna be reading no Edgar Allan Poe. He’s gonna be reading the Bible. If you don’t teach your kids these things, he’s going to be fed right to the Devil.

Truly unbelievable that there’s still people out there who believe being gay is a choice, or that someone can be ‘corrupted’ into becoming gay. News flash: people are born gay! Maybe he’s taken too many shots to the head? I mean, his last professional fight with the UFC was a first-round knockout loss in December 2023.

And obviously Pride Flags in classrooms and Drag Queen Story Time is a hot topic in the gay community right now. This type of rhetoric from Mitchell does nothing construction to help the conversation. For such a strong, Christian man, whatever happened to loving thy neighbor or not casting stones? 

His rant also included some spots about vaccine conspiracy theories, but I’m not nearly educated enough in that department to take a stab at decoding his logic.  


Bottom line is… You love your kids no matter what, gay or straight. And for the record, seeing Mitchell hot and sweaty in nothing but tiny shorts will probably turn more people gay than reading an acclaimed, historic author. 

Source: The Advocate 

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