Ugandan Politicians Openly Criticized and Demonized Homosexuality At A Parliament Meeting

Ugandan politicians are openly condemning homosexuality and criticizing those who speaking out for gay rights.


These outcries by Ugandan Parliament members happened after the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Summit in March.

The IPU is an organization made up of several national parliaments from around the world. Members of 190 Parliaments join together frequently to build global democracy through political dialogue and action.

At this most recent IPU meeting, Ugandan MP Rebecca Kadaga spoke out against IPU president Gabriella Barroza for adding a motion to discuss homosexuality. Apparently, Barroza added this motion without informing African and Asian representatives and Kadaga was outspokenly displeased.


Then at the Ugandan Federal Parliament meeting, fellow MP Nsaba Buturo started a motion to introduced anti-gay laws and took the time to praise Kadaga’s performance at the IPU.

“The external interests have threatened and used all kinds of means to force nations such as Uganda to accept the same sex practices,” he said.

“I urge all Ugandans and the Members of Parliament to reject homosexuality in all its forms and manifestations.”

Buturo was then followed by several other Ugandan MPs who praised Buturo and condemned homosexuality.


Edwin Sesange, of the African Equality Foundation, spoke with Shannon Power of Gay Star News about the situation and meeting.

“It’s hypocritical of them to be speaking for former colonial masters who didn’t think of native LGBTI people in Africa and Asia while introducing discriminatory and persecutory sodomy laws,” Sesange told Gay Star News.

“I think Hon Kadaga and others should use their influence to promote the African values of togetherness (Ubuntu), tolerance, respect for others and non-discrimination instead of defending colonial sodomy laws which preach the contrary to those African values.”

In addition, Sesange urged anyone who hears of this story to join 105,000 others in signing a petition to ask 37 Commonwealth countries that still criminalize homosexuality to change their laws.

h/t: GayStarNews

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  1. What if white christians

    What if white christians wanted to enslaved Ugandan christians which is condoned and approved by the bible?

  2. I think its time to BAN

    I think its time to BAN Ugandans for forcing  their 'straigh-selves" on other people and limit them in their country…tit for tat! Ignorant! 


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