‘Ugly Betty’ Cast Says They Would Love To Work Together Again

The Season 4 Cast of Ugly Betty / Image via ABC

Is an Ugly Betty revival on the horizon?


It’s safe to say that we're in the midst of revival/reboot mania. Classic shows like Full House, Roseanne, Charmed, The Magic School Bus, The Munsters, Queer Eye, Star Trek, Will and Grace, and more have been rebooted/revived. Despite many of those shows receiving backlash and bad press, this hasn’t stopped the ongoing need to see shows revisited.

Now, it looks like there’s some call for an Ugly Betty reboot, and the cast is onboard.

Speaking to the Vulture, tv and stage actor Michael Urie, who played frenemy turned best-friend Marc St. James, shared that the cast is interested in revisiting the world of the Meades and the Suarezes.

“We all would. We loved each other so much and we loved it so much.”

“We would absolutely do a revival and if you’re listening, ABC, please make it happen. You can make one of the characters a Trump support if [you] have to.

“We’re in touch all the time. [There] was just a text chain yesterday with America [Ferrera] and everybody, with this baby dressed up like Ugly Betty in the Guadalajara poncho.”







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So internet warriors, it looks like you have a new mission set before you. Time to get vocal and get an Ugly Betty reboot in the works.

Who wouldn’t want to see Betty taking charge as an editor, Vanessa Williams playing badass Wilhelmina Slater, and Betty’s nephew Justin all grown up and fully confident in his sexuality?

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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