UK Gay Club Wants to Help Vaccinate for COVID-19

Following a tweet by James Watt, CEO and founder of BrewDog in the UK, The Nightingale Club, a legendary LGBTQ+ club in Birmingham tweeted an offer for their venue to be a location to assist with vaccination rollout in the UK free of charge.


Many are praising The Nightingale Club for stepping up and offering to be proactive in the fight against the Coronavirus.

The first vaccines have been distributed to 697 locations already set up across England in hospitals, practices and community buildings.

But it was estimated a quarter of people across the UK still live in a constituency with no vaccine centre.

Others are chiming in by making light of the request with:


“Hiya please can I have a vaccine and 2 Gale bombs? Xx”

“Not the only time people have taken a prick in Gales”

“I want to be vaccinated right at the Chromatica II/911 moment”

“I’ll have vaccine & vodka coke 2 for 1 thnx”


“would like to be vaccinated at Gales listening to charli xcx pls x”

“If you’ve sucked someone off in the loos on the top floor, you don’t need to worry about what’s in the vaccine.”

“I want my jab soon, and I want it to be fabulous!”

“i wanna be vaccinated at the exact moment @TheOnlyDetox says ‘X’ in read u wrote u”

Lawrence Barton, Director of Birmingham Pride, also joined The Nightingale Club in the call to action by tweeting an echo of support for assisting with the vaccine rollout.


The Nightingale Club calls itself “Birmingham’s oldest and largest LGBT venue”, with three floors, four rooms and five bars.

The iconic venue was supposed to premiere Nightingale50, a documentary about its 50 year, at Birmingham Pride 2020. The event was postponed to May 2021 due to the pandemic.

Many LGBT+ venues have been struggling in the wake of the pandemic. We’ve seen many global queer hubs shutter their doors permanently because of the inability to sustain business during lockdowns and stay-at-home orders.

The Nightingale Club’s call to action is admirable and should set an example for locations that have adequate space to be able to use their place in the community to continue to give back to the patrons who have supported them for so many years.


No report as to whether their offer has been considered.

Source: BirminghamMailCo


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