UK National Health Service Is Making It Possible For Trans Teens To Be Parents Later In Life

As Trans teens start hormone-blocking treatment and hormone replacement therapy, they run the risk of having fertility issues down the road. Should they decided to become parents one day, it may be impossible.

In the UK, the National Health Service is now allowing trans teens to freeze their sperm or eggs before they start treatment. Trans girls as young as 12 can have their sperm frozen and trans men can have their eggs froze at the age of 16.

Gary Butler, a clinician at the only NHS clinic for young people with gender dysphoria said, “There needs to be national guidelines to allow equal access to fertility treatment across the country for trans patients…“If they want to become parents and raise a family, the science and medicine is there. It’s the right of the individual to be able to do that.”

In the UK harvesting eggs for one cycle costs $5,800 and $400 a year to store. Significantly less than in the US where harvesting can cost $10,000-$12,000 and $800 a year to store. Sperm cost $530 and $400 a year to keep it frozen.

Some citizens claim taxpayer money is being misspent. So far the largest opponents are from religious groups.

I think it's great that the UK is doing this for their citizens. With the way healthcare is in the US, unless someone can foot the bill themselves, I doubt it will ever be something the US does.


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