Ukraine’s MELOVIN Releases Song of Solidarity

Ukrainian recording artist MELOVIN has responded to the country’s battle with Russia with a new song entitled Waste No Time.

YouTube – MELOVIN ‘Waste No Time’

While volunteering to bring necessary supplies to other Ukrainians in Lviv, MELOVIN shot a live video for the song which he hopes will uplift the spirits of the Ukrainian people.


“Russia opened fire under the guise of a ‘special peacekeeping mission’ to protect Ukrainians. But this is a lie! There is no-one to protect and save us from! Now we need to be saved from Russian aggression!”, says MELOVIN.

Here is the loose translation of the song:

Waste No Time

Time is running out

Don’t leave your friends, they are wings

Force yourself when you lack strength

Because no one knows you except yourself


Hold your hand!

Do you hear the wind whispers to us

Don’t leave your dreams as they want

And remember, nothing is impossible

Because no one knows you except yourself


Hold your back

When it hurts to shoot

Those who are not with us at all

And they think they know everything

Don’t procrastinate

And for the truth, freedom…. we don’t break our wings


Don’t come back with a wave of pain

Do not cover me with the power of fate

Don’t stay, you better go

How much I lost strength

We are not for those who are always in the minority

He sees only the wet eyes of acquaintances

Their heart hides and you do not look

Stop ringing them

Born Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov in Odessa, MELOVIN is a singer and songwriter who first came to prominence after winning season six of X-Factor Ukraine. In 2018, MELOVIN represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song “Under the Ladder”. He finished in seventeenth place, with 130 points.


In light of current events between Russia and Ukraine, MELOVIN has taken to social media with being a vocal presence in hopes of empowering Ukrainian citizens.

Thousands hope to evacuate daily due to the political unrest, but much effort has been disrupted by Russian occupiers.

Major corporations have halted operations and business in Russia in solidarity with the Ukrainian people including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Apple, PepsiCo, Netflix, Disney, and UPS among others.

Watch MELOVIN’s Waste No Time:

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