UK’s First Nationwide Trans Mental Health Hotline Rolls Out

UK launched it’s first nationwide transgender mental health hotline. Midline Trans+, is lead by Linda Ling, and the project was fully rolled out on August 1st after a trial run.

The hotline provides a confidential safe space for transgender people, along with their friends and family, to talk openly about issues.

Lings said of the project, “We’ve been really encouraged by the number of callers we’ve had, and also the level of meaningful conversation. The callers have told us that they feel very supported and very grateful for a service that focuses on transgender issues.”

Most of the volunteers are transgender or non-binary, and go through an intensive training covering mental health, emotional support, and trans awareness. There are trans allies who volunteer as well. Because everyone is a volunteer and not a mental health expert, they are trained to point callers to other resources when they cannot answer questions. One such topic is hormonal transitioning.

The hotline runs two nights a week right now. Ling said they would be more than willing to increase the availability if there is a need for it. The hotline is averaging five calls per four-hour session. The goal is that this will increase as awareness is made of the hotline.

Calls are not recorded and are confidential, meaning demographics of callers cannot be known. Volunteers are trained to deal with all sorts of age groups and issues.

As the program continues to grow and gain momentum, the primary objective right now is to raise awareness of the hotline. This has been done through social media, LGBT support groups, pamphlets and posters.

We are excited to see the UK debut this and hope that it helps the transgender and non-binary community overseas.

Midline Trans+ Website

Hotline Number: 0300 330 5468

H/T: NBC News

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