Umbrellas, Onesies, Puppy Love & More

Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week including LV, Maluma, Colton Haynes, Jonathan Bennett, and more
LV in Miami Beach (photo: Carlos Campos)

Some of our favorite Instagram posts this week leading off with an invitation from LV in Miami Beach to stand under his big ‘umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh’…


Showing off their fancy togs, Maluma and his buddy Buda want to know who’ll adopt them?

Meanwhile, underwear model Terry Miller kept it canine casual with Louis and Bongo:


“9-1-1: Lone Star” actor Brian Michael Smith threw down at the gym:


“Backyard Envy” star said goodbye to Puerto Escondido:

“Blacktain_America93” Michael was feeling his Friday fresh fade:


Joven Callaway shared his musical musings on morning time:


Chubby Tanuki enjoyed the mood lighting at the San Francisco Eagle:

Jim Newman was a bit ‘extra’ in his onesie:


Comedian Matteo Lane really enjoyed his pasta:


Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughn showed off their “White Lotus” fandom:

Quincy looked royal in white:

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