Umm… Lil Nas X Teases That He’s Starting an OnlyFans Account

Credit: Lil Nas X Instagram

Is Lil Nas X joking or is he serious when it comes to his desires to create an OnlyFans account? You can be the judge of that. 

The “Old Town Road” rapper tweeted his interest in the social media service on Thursday, March 19, writing, “is only fans (sp) a place where u can interact with just your true fans? i too would like to create one.”


Take note of how many people actually liked this one tweet (225,000 at this point). Of course many of them encouraged him to sign up with some in on the joke of what OnlyFans is primarily known for.

For those who don’t know it is a platform that many porn stars and cam models are using as a way to create their own videos for fans to enjoy at a monthly rate. Some that come to mind include Rocco Steele, Colby Jansen and Rhyheim Shabazz


Still, the Georgia native seemed interested in creating an account after a fan said that, “its a great place to share content only your true fans want to see. you can share all your funny and wacky content on there!” His response? “omg can’t wait setting up my camera now.”

It’s not like Lil Nas hasn’t almost shown all of his goodies already on social media. He’s shirtless in half his Instagram photos where he happily enjoys putting his toned body on display for his 6.2 million Instagram followers.

He also took a bizarre trip to WalMart back in September by wearing a chicken mask as a way of staying incognito. Fans thought that was funny but they were more focused on the indent in his white pants that could be seen from a mile away. 


So best of luck with your (possible) OnlyFans account Lil Nas! As RuPaul once famously said, “I can’t wait to see what’s next.” 


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