UNC Professor Harasses LGBTQ Students. School Chooses To Do Nothing.


A little bit of conflict and opposing opinions are good for the soul and good for the spirit.  We learn from debating issues and stances and we wither remain steadfast or alter our course in life.  Some arguments we will never win.  Some people will never change.  But do we need a steadfast negative individual educating our students? Here's Mike Adams for your consideration.


Adams’s social media accounts and blog posts are littered with hate speech against gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer people. He condemned “the gay lifestyle” and likened same-sex marriage rights to “rape.” He called trans people mentally ill and asserted that any doctor willing to help with gender-reassignment surgery should be charged with mutilating a mentally ill person.

Adams [a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington] won’t speak to the media about Merghani [a self-described “black Queer Muslim” and Sudanese refugee that Adams also attacked on Facebook by posting “The only thing more disgusting than a jihadist Muslim is a pro-choice Muslim”] or another student who accuses him of harassment (he didn’t return requests for comment from The Daily Beast), but he frequently criticizes them on Twitter and Facebook.

Adams continues to attack and mock Merghani and other students, staff, and faculty in blog posts on Daily Wire, a website that according to its official Facebook page exists to “unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.”

Last August, Adams published an article about Merghani, using her full name, stating she is bringing a “Queer Muslim Jihad” upon campus. Merghani said she feels personally threatened and unsafe on campus after the professor published the blatantly anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT rant “suggesting I’m a terrorist without a hint of truth or any regard for my personal safety.”

In July 2009 UNCW student Chaz Housand and friend Chet Saunders were beaten unconscious after leaving a bar in downtown Wilmington. According to the Wilmington Star News, the police investigated the attack as a hate crime because Housand and Sanders are both openly gay.

When Adams heard about what happened to Housand and Saunders he expressed outrage about the beatings being investigated as a hate crime. In an August 2009 he wrote a scathing piece for conservative website Town Hall about the attack.

“There will never be a shortage of people who choose lifestyles that make them more susceptible to violence than others,” Adams wrote. “It isn’t the job of the government to protect these people.”

Adams calls students who accused him of harassing them “weak pansies” and makes fun of the LGBTQ community for being too dramatic.

“Sometime I wonder whether LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Thespian. So much drama, so few letters in the alphabet,” he wrote on the Daily Wire.

He even compared gay rights to rape in an open letter entitled, “Rape Wins.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself for committing spiritual rape in the name of tolerance and inclusion,” Adams wrote to a man who sued a wedding photographer for refusing to shoot his same-sex nuptials.

Despite all of this, the school said Adams has done nothing wrong by its own standards.

“Dr. Adams’s online column and social media presence represent his personal expressions and opinions on a variety of topics,” UNCW said in a statement. “These expressions and opinions are neither within the requested scope of Dr. Adams’s duties with the university, nor do they represent the views of this institution. However, they are expressions protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

The school also said that speech didn’t cross the line when it came to Merghani.

If the school were to fire or discipline Adams, he might sue—again. – dailybeast.com


To read more about the first lawsuit and for more horrible details on Adams, head over to dailybeast.com.  They also address why the code of conduct does not assist in getting rid of him and his hateful speech, mainly because the current wording doesn’t protect students from Adams.


“Right now, this university has done more to protect those that spread hate speech than the students that are victims of it,” Burton said.


All I know is if he was trying to teach in New England, he wouldn't have a job.  That's my gut feeling.  Or would academia everywhere treat him the same?
What should the university do? 
Hang onto Adams for fear if you fire him for this he will sue again?
Take its chances in court and cut the man loose?
Fight for his free speech at the cost of its students' expense?
What are your thoughts?




What do you think?