Lil Nas X Released An Uncensored ‘Industry Baby’ Video

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Lil Nas X is always trolling people, homophobes and his own fans.

There’s a new “uncensored” version of “Industry Baby” out on YouTube. But before you jump for joy, know that it’s not what you think. For the past week, Lil Nas X has been celebrating the success of his new single and adjoining music video “Industry Baby.”

Continuing the story of his Nike trial over the infamous “Satan Shoes,” the video see Lil Nas X going to jail for his “crime.” Once there, he runs the joint and orchestrates a prison riot. The video also includes a salacious naked shower dance. But, he and the dancers are protected with a pixelated screen (and most likely, skin-toned underwear).

As views for the music video rose, Lil Nas X spread the idea that he would release an uncensored version of the show. For instance, he promised to release an uncensored version if one of his tweets got 200k likes. He then joked about deleting the post after it reached that mark.

But as “Industry Baby” became more and more successful, fans kept wondering, “Where’s the uncensored version?”

Eventually, Lil Nas X decided to provide what he’d promised. Sort of. Lil Nas X shared on Twitter the YouTube link to what he called the “uncensored version.” But when fans clicked on that link and started the video, they got a surprise. The video begins like the regular “Industry Baby” music video. But once it gets to the shower scene, the video freezes and displays a buffering icon. Lil Nas X trolled his own fans. Though, who seriously thought there would be a nude video on YouTube?

 For the most part, though, his fans enjoyed the joke. Just another day with Lil Nas X, after all.

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  1. Well, he just completely sunk his career. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I think he will not get nominated for any CMA awards this year. Lol!


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