‘Uncoupled’ Gets Second Season, At Showtime After Netflix Cancellation


Coupled again! Just days after Netflix cancelled “Uncoupled,” starring Neil Patrick Harris, Showtime has swooped in and breathed new life into the series. As previously reported by People Magazine,

“The show was picked up by Showtime as part of its new content strategy amid its integration into Paramount+ later this year, according to Deadline. Ahead of the move, Showtime is working to refocus on content around three areas: Complex characters, franchises and metro cultures or diverse programming, the last of which Uncoupled would fall under.”


Uncoupled became sort of an anomaly in the queer community with social media savaging the NYC set comedy-drama yet the show scored a 76% rotten tomatoes score and hit the Netflix top ten at number three. Many in the queer community – myself included – enjoyed the show and are looking forward to having that cliffhanger ending answered.

The show centered on Michael (NPH), reentering the gay dating scene after being dumped by his partner of almost twenty years.







What about you Instincters? Gonna be watching season two on Netflix? What should Michael do? Take Collin back? Sound off in the comments below.

Sources: People

5 thoughts on “‘Uncoupled’ Gets Second Season, At Showtime After Netflix Cancellation”

  1. I am thrilled Showtime saved it. Cant wait for season 2. Uncoupled and Smiley praying for the following seasons was the main reason I kept Netflix. If Smiley gets canceled or has no continuation? Bye bye Netflix. This show had me exhaling for the next episode. Tisha Campbell was so good, NPH was excellent in the role and used gay actors to portray gay characters. Tuc Watkins played his part beautifully making you wonder why? Hope we get the answer they seem to want him to inform NPH about the split. Rich or poor we all know and experienced break-ups. The re-entry into the dating pool and the mess it brings. Learning to crawl then walk then run as a single person. Praying to reunite with the one we love especially when you don’t have a clue. Or some have to do this after their loved ones died. We all go through this on many levels.

  2. It was terrible. Rich white men the gay version. How can any real person can identify with these characters? It was both unrealistic and of poor quality. Acting wise terrible. Tacky cliche characters p. It belonged to 2007 not 2022. Was it written fifteen years ago and just picked up?

  3. I’m glad it got picked up. I could have seen at least 2 seasons of the show. It’s always nice for the continued gay representation.

  4. I’m glad for the continued LGBTQ representation on TV. Here’s hoping the writers give us more of the other principal characters. I thought the show’s biggest miss was barely developing NPH’s co-stars.


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