Unique Gift Ideas for a Hot Christmas

We all know that one guy that can’t leave the house without looking like he’s ready to walk the runway. He’s the guy that gets stopped every time you’re out together because someone’s asking him where he bought his designer shoes. He only wants the trendiest of gifts, and luckily Differio has got you covered with stylish Christmas gift ideas (so you can stop panicking).

Whether you’re shopping for your partner or a Secret Santa, Differio has an Instagram-worthy collection of edgy holidays gifts that’ll put a smile on any trendsetter’s face. Always releasing the most unique and trendy men’s clothing online, he won’t be able to resist taking selfies in these fashionable picks.

Here are some unique Christmas gift ideas for the stylish guy in your life, exclusively sold online only at Differio.


1. Men’s Onesies

left: Bear Onesie With Bum Flap, right: Bunny Onesie For Men by Blamo

Give something wild this year with these knit men’s animal onesies. Both adult onesie pajamas are designed with foam ears and fluffy tails, but the bear onesie includes a cheeky bum flap.


2.  Men’s Fashion Scarves & Gloves

left: Fur Animal Hoodie Scarf With Ears, right: Poncho Wrap in Mexican Aztec Print

Every guy can use some stylish winter accessories to take his cold-weather essentials up a notch. Men’s poncho capes and animal hoodies make a rustic boho statement that he can wear on any day of the week. 


3. Cool Messenger Bags & Backpacks

left: Vintage Messenger Bag Telephone, right: Modern Convertible Backpack in Grey Neoprene

Whether you’re gifting the gym rat or the techie, men’s bags are both practical and stylish. The neoprene convertible backpack by Junus Coban makes a great gym bag, while the hi-tek messenger bag makes the ultimate vintage statement.


4. Men’s Fashion Jewelry

left: Monogram Cuff Bracelet New York, right: Shark Bracelet by Sebastian Rossi for Glimms

Men’s jewelry is everywhere, but Differio has an unparalleled selection that’s unique and affordable. If he loves statement jewelry, then he’ll definitely love these cool men’s bracelets designed with modern details.  


5. Men’s Underwear Styles – Cool Socks for Men

left: Graphic Boxer Briefs In Cupcake Print, right: Funky Socks In Cock Print

Colorful socks and underwear may not be the most luxurious of gifts, but they do make great stocking stuffers, especially if you’re on a budget. Go for the men’s underwear collection by John Frank for fun and sporty styles.


6. Men’s Activewear

left: Mens Leg Warmers Differio Sportsflex, right: Extreme Cropped Hoodie With Sleeve Print

Differio sells trendy men’s workout clothes that he’ll want to wear even when he’s not burning calories, like this extreme cropped hoodie shrug. For the outdoorsy type, these men’s leg warmers are a must-have for staying fit all year round.


7. Fetishy Men’s Casual Vests

left: Leather Chest Harness Prometheus, right: Black Leather Vest Laced Bandetta

If you want to make gift giving a little naughtier this year, this sexy fetish gear is perfect for the leather lover in your life. He can wear the leather vest by day and the chest harness by night.


8. Men’s Grooming Products

left: Collagen + Control Facial Serum by GOA, right: Charcoal Face Mask Set for Pores by Lapcos

Men’s skincare is so on trend right now that it’s becoming a staple in every guy’s morning routine. Differio has a range of both affordable and high-end men’s skincare products that’ll give him that skin-deep glow.


9. Men’s Trendy Sunglasses

left: Red Lens Sunglasses With Black Frames, right: Rimless Sunglasses Black

Stylish sunglasses are an easy gift because you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong size. Tagged with the Differio Editor’s Choice seal of approval, these men’s sunglasses have all the chic details from blunt brow bars to colorful circle lenses.


10. Differio E-gift Card

Still can’t decide what he’s going to love? There’s no wrong choice when you gift an e-gift card. Just choose the amount and template of choice, and your recipient will receive his gift via email!

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