Unwrapping Presents And More This Holiday Weekend

A lot of Christmas cheer in this round-up of our favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with Christmas bear Fran Dullon (above) waiting to get unwrapped:

Nix didn’t wait and started the unwrapping on his own:

Miquel Aquino was rocking a lot more than jingle bells…

Folks paused for a second wondering if Ryan Phillippe came out with this Christmas Day greeting:


ABC News’ Gio Benitez and Tommy Didario were styling in their Christmas sweaters:

Tyler James totally nailed his ‘Holiday Infinity’ challenge:

Brian Bolt Donner put a leather touch on his Santa:

Bobby Maru brought an international spice to his holiday greetings:

Joe and Josh Putignano have their own Christmas Eve dinner vibe:

Bruno Baba had all kinds of holiday cheer going on:

Why don’t our Santa elves ever look like this?

Chicago Realtor Greg Bloomer was remembering Christmas’s past:

Anthony in California was giving you fur, fur, and more fur:

Peanut the squirrel and his hunky hooman were getting holiday baking done:

Out recording artist Spencer Day kept it smooth and chill with this gorgeous ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas:’

And one more of Miquel Aquino taking Santa to a whole new level:

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