UPDATE! Duluth Trading Company Slur?

UPDATE: Check out the tweet the Duluth Trading Company sent to Joe.My.God.com, the original poster of the ad shown below. This is what happens when homophobia is pointed out and YOU act on it! Way to go, all who were involved!



Duluth Trading Company is known for its ultra butch "guy's guy" attitude. So it's hardly a surprise when they come out with a print ad like this as shown on Joe.My.God. But is it okay? Is it a gay slur? Is it funny? What do YOU think?

And before you answer, keep in mind they do have hinged ultra-comfort knee-pads for only $44.50. Just sayin'.

source: Joe.My.God.


9 thoughts on “UPDATE! Duluth Trading Company Slur?”

  1. I think people take things

    I think people take things WAY too personally and need to calm the f*ck down.  Good god… it's just a word.  Settle down, Beavis.

  2. I was expecting something

    I was expecting something highly offensive but instead I laughed my ass off and shared it on my page.

  3. either you carry a bag or you

    either you carry a bag or you don't right? Point is how you carry your bag, and what the fuck the rest of you looks like 

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  5. Maybe if I considered the

    Maybe if I considered the word "pansy" synonymous with "gay" then I'd have an issue. But I don't. There are an awful lot of straight pansies, many of whom are pansies because they are whipped by their overbearing wives and girlfriends. Of course, there are a lot of gay pansies also. So maybe it's a problem for them. 

  6. Just using the word pansy

    Just using the word pansy reinforces the stereotype that all gay men are effeminate.
    Are you all that naive? 

  7. As someone who works in

    As someone who works in advertising, I'm sure they can find a way to be funny without being offensive. I'm happy to see they accepted responsibility and didn't try to make out like they didn't do something wrong.

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  9. How is this “homophobic”?

    How is this "homophobic"? They are advertising totes for men, so technically it's a sexist comment against women. We really have to stop finding every little thing as offensive. 

  10. I wouldn’t take offense.

    I wouldn't take offense. After all they're saying "purses are for pansies" while they're advertising 3 nice, men's purses. Perhaps they're saying, let's call them totes when it's for a man and not purses. Ok by me.


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