UPDATE: Homophobic Birthday Invite Proved To Be A Hoax

The story of little Sophia’s birthday party has turned out to be as fictitious as a fairy tale. Long Island DJs Steve and Leeana of K-93.8, that station that first broke the story earlier this week, have posted a letter on the station’s website, claiming the whole thing was a hoax.

The note, posted on Friday evening, reads:

Dear K-98.3 Listeners,

On Wednesday, we told you the story of Sophia's birthday party, and one parent's objection to the same-sex household of Sophia's parents.  We also posted the invitation on our Facebook page, and invited comments from our followers.

This story was, in fact, totally fictitious, and created by the two of us.  This was done without the knowledge of K-98.3 management or ownership.

We were attempting to spur a healthy discourse on a highly passionate topic, but we made a mistake by misleading our listeners into thinking that this specific situation actually existed.

We are very sorry that we perpetuated this falsehood, even after it was clear that it had taken on a 'life of its own.'  We deeply apologize for violating your trust, and we will work hard to regain that trust.


Steve & Leeana

Instinct’s original post of the story generated plenty of reaction and heated comments from readers, and ended up being one of our most-read posts of the week on our blog. So if the DJs were looking to create a conversation, mission accomplished. But what do you make of the fact that the entire story was made up in the first place?  

What do you think?