UPSAHL Sings Catchy Tune We All Know Too Well.

We receive many singles, press releases about artists touring here, releasing that. No, we do not pass on all of them. We're not music critics, but we know what tickles our ears and hearts and gets us swaying and dancing.

UPSAHL, a buzzing 19-year-old songstress shared with us her brand new single “The Other Team.”  We also love that she signed with a brand we have loved for many years in the past and has now re-launched, Arista Records.

We loved listening to "The Other Team" and feel it may hit home with some of our girl-slash-friends.

“The Other Team”, a story about “a boy who seems too good to be true” utilizes the chorus “Swinging, swinging, swinging for the other team” to hit home the fact that UPSAHL's character is jonesing for a gay man. The song explores feelings of unrequited love and missed connections translated into vivid verses and a relatable chorus.

Let's have a listen (see lyrics below).

“I wrote ‘The Other Team’ on the last day of a month-long writing trip,” says UPSAHL. “A few minutes into the session, the concept just sort of came to me, ‘Everyone can relate to being into someone that they know they can’t have’.” 

What do you think? Catchy tune? True story? 

Can we put ourselves in her shoes and be the man jonesing after a straight man? Sure we can. It may be a song about girl meet boy, boy likes boys, but we can easily see us in her shoes as boy meets boy, boy likes girls. It's happened to us before and will again. 

More about UPSAHL-

Before even graduating high school, UPSAHL wrote and released a self-titled EP, which gained much-deserved recognition throughout the Phoenix music scene. A graduate of the Arizona School for the Arts, a performing arts middle/high school, UPSAHL continued to hone her craft, while being classically trained on piano, guitar and choir every day.


I met a boy who's sweet like cherry pie
He's a new type of a picture perfect guy
Waved him down on the corner of fifth avenue
He waved back, but turns out I was not the one that he was waving to

I know he's right for me
But I'm not right for him
And if I try to play along, don't think I'll ever win

Swinging, swinging, swinging for the other team
It's such a shame
I'm not even in the game

I met a boy who seems too good to be true
Dirty blonde locks, and his eyes are a sparkly blue
Gave him a smile, and he turned to walk my way
But then he walked right past me towards another man
He didn't notice me

I guess I have a thing for guys that aren't in my own league
The ones I know
They don't know shit
They always quit
They can't commit
They just know how to leave

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