Using A Substitute For A Condom Ends In Man’s Death

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If you are going to use condoms during sex, don’t cheap out on condom alternatives.  I remember a poor sad rumor going around a school I taught at about one of the male students using a sandwich bag and an elastic as a condom. Of course, that fell off inside her and he later turned out to be gay. The bag did it!  Kidding. That I am sure is laughable now for all parties involved, but a case in India did not have a similar laughable ending.

Salman Mirza, 25, went on a hookup date with his ex-fiancee which ended in him dead from multiple organ failure. All because he didn’t have a condom and decided to get creative.


Realizing they did not have any protection, the couple apparently went spelunking for an alternative that had in their hotel room and a strong adhesive/apoxy resin was the chosen substitute. Why would they have an adhesive used for spray foams, painting, dental cements and plastics just laying around?

Apparently the couple often had the adhesive with them, which they would mix with a ‘whitener’ and inhale with other drugs. So yes, the couple was off to a bad start even before the sex happened.

The adhesive condom substitute incident followed a previous night where it was said people saw the couple was under the influence of their drug concoction.

After finding the victim and his lover in the overly sticky situation, a police officer examining the scene told the Times of India:


Since they did not have any protection, they decided to apply this adhesive on his private parts to ensure that she does not get pregnant. –

Mirza became unconscious during the night and died later at the hospital from multiple organ failure from the adhesive application.

Nope, not a stable couple to begin with and the victim’s family may be looking for a police investigation into the death to see if it could have been foul play.

Instincters, have you used any substitutes on your johnson instead of a condom?  


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