Using Female Pronouns When Talking To Our Gay Brothers. A Common & Okay Practice?

Are some people more touchy than others when it comes to pronouns?

I remember one night when leaving one bar and walking down Wilton Drive to the next watering hole. our crowd of 5 was monopolizing the sidewalk.  A tall gentleman with a longer stride came up behind us and I recommended that we make like Moses and part our mob and let him through.  One of my friends jokingly commented as he walked through, "there she goes, that girl must be in a hurry." With his head turned half-cocked back toward us, he exclaimed, "I am not a girl.  There's nothing girly about me."  We were all a little thrown off by this comment.  No, there wasn't anything "girly" about him, but my friend was just using normal chatter that gay men use correct?

This is the subject of Michael Henry's most recent release. See what you think of his take on pronoun usage in the gay male community.



Toxic masculinity … You're what's wrong with the gay community … In touch with your feminine side … Fishy … oh yes,  Michael seemed to pack a lot of buzz words and phrases into this one.

But what do you think of his statement?  I always think, if someone takes the time and energy to say "This bothers me," it is up to us to listen. So I will listen to you Michael for I have been there, too.

One of my things I don't like is being called babe or baby on the sex/dating apps by people I have never met.  Call me that once we are dating, but after 0 to 4 chats, you are calling me that? It's actually a turn off.

Do you mind the female pronouns? 

Do you put on your psychology hat and think that using female pronouns for men builds upon the belief that the female gender is the weaker gender and we are actually using the female pronouns as a form of degradation?

Are we all just too touchy or do we need to be pronoun police?

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Written by: Michael Henry

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