Vandalism or Art? Arizona Town Thinks This Graffiti Artist Is A Real D*ck

There’s graffiti, and then there’s art. Sometimes it’s hard to tell between the two. Still, it’s of little consequence to law officials in Tempe Arizona who have been on the lookout for weeks for a graffiti artist (or vandal) who has been sprawling ‘tags’ all over town with the self-proclaimed moniker, Penis Man.

Nobody knows if this guy named himself Penis Man as some prophetic assessment (many citizens of Tempe, now refer to his as a dick), or if maybe he’s boasting about brag-worthy anatomy? What is known, though according to ABC 15 Arizona, is Penis Man has struck nearly 40 times since late November leave tags of his name all over from abandoned buildings to bridges 



According to Tempe authorities, many anonymous street ‘artists’ have created nearly 300,000 graffiti incidents in 2019 alone and 40 of those were by Penis Man. Yup, this man’s junk is popping up everywhere and he’s becoming more emboldened and cocky each day. If caught, he faces a range of charges, “as small as a misdemeanor or as large as a felony.” Oh, the irony. Wouldn’t that be just like life to imitate art – a pleasurable resolve in all possible sizes, big and small, just like a penis.

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