Vaseline Has No Chill in New Marketing Image

Photo Credit: @vaselinebrand on Instagram

Well, that’s one way to appeal to your core demographic. 

On Monday, July 10th, Vaseline unveiled its latest marketing image. It features two donuts highlighted against a blue background. The donut on the left is before using Vaseline, and the donut on the right is after photo – now appearing glazed. 


It’s obvious that this is an homage to intercourse, but I’m not sure if the makers of Vaseline actually understand how gay men have anal sex. If I’m interpreting the donut on the right correctly, there appears to be waaaaaay to much Vaseline around the hole and not, well, where it really needs to be. Or is that not supposed to be Vaseline at all and… something else

Let’s take a look at the image below and then you can give me your interpretation. 


Also, what is slugging? I had to Google search the word and it lists the definition as “the process of slathering your skin, face or nails with petroleum jelly overnight.”

Vaseline, owned by parent company Unilever, was first launched in 1872. Being such an old, established product, I’m impressed with its willingness to adapt to the times and release such a tongue-in-cheek advertisement. 

As noted by Queerty, Vaseline has now followed in the footsteps of other products who went balls-to-the-walls with their advertising. Examples include Burger King’s top & bottom Pride burgers and Nutter Butters’ Nut on Everything campaign. 

Source: Queerty 

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