Victor, Cuban-Born Baker, Finds Love & Opportunity in Wilton Manors

A man is shirtless, toned body with a few tasteful tattoos showing off a chocolate cake he has made baked, with his pink Kitchen Aid Mixer in the background.

    At home baking with Victor and his baby pink Kitchen Aid Mixer

It’s been over three years since we featured sexy Cuban-born erotic model and performer Victor Calderon. His provocative NSFW posts —mainly naughty moments from OnlyFans content with his then-partner Alex Tikas, first caught our eye on Instagram, and we wanted to learn more about him.

Victor’s mocha skin, enviable beard, and other notably perfect body parts made him a favorite of many erotic photographers. Oh yes, he’s hella sexy. But during that first interview, it was Victor’s harrowing story of trekking through various countries on foot, through dangerous territories to make it to America, that intrigued me the most.


Today Victor is living the American dream to the fullest now in the gay Floridian Mecca known as Wilton Manors. We caught up with him recently in a discussion about his new life in Florida, finding true love, and bringing a new business venture from dream to reality.

Interview with Victor Calderon:

Corey Andrew: Victor! So great to reconnect. So much has changed since we featured you a couple of years ago. You packed up everything, moved to Fort Lauderdale, ended a relationship, found new love with your current partner, and you’re now launching your own business. 

That’s a lot, but it seems relocating to Fort Lauderdale was a good move?   

Victor: Hello, my friend; I am so happy we are doing this again. Yes, the move here was and is the best decision I have ever made for many reasons. I love it here, the people, the weather, the city, everything. 


Corey Andrew: And you’re in love with a very handsome guy from what I have seen you post on your social media. Tell us a little about your lucky man.  

Victor: YES, I am in love with a very handsome, sweet man. I’m the lucky one. We have been friends on social media for a couple of years. We always admired each other from a distance but were in relationships. So we were just friends, and when one of us became single, the other wasn’t— so I guess it wasn’t the right time for us. But we were both single when I was all set to move to Fort Lauderdale. 

Ultimately we met in person, and there was something special; there still is. We have been there for each other, now over a year and seven months. We’ve had many adventures together, like big parties and trips to Mexico. We went to Cuba, where he met my family and I showed him my beautiful country. We’ve recently adopted a puppy that has become our little princess. And our next big adventure together is opening a business very soon. So, yeah, I am lucky.


Victor & his partner Aaron

Corey Andrew: When we last spoke, we talked about your love of baking actually started when you helped out in your family bakery. Explain a bit about that back story.

Victor: My passion for baking started when I was very young. I moved away from my family to study. In the building where I lived, there was a bakery on the first floor where I usually got something sweet every day. And then, one day, I decided to bake something for myself. I found it very interesting, so I started baking a lot.  

At this time, life was a little hard for my family. My dad died when I was young, so my mom was helping me, and my two sisters pay rent and be able to keep going to school. I started getting better and better at baking and started my small business to survive and help my mom. When i finished school and moved away to another city, my oldest sister moved to the same town, so we decided to bake together.


Corey Andrew: Are people usually surprised to learn you are a skilled, accomplished baker?

Victor: Yes! People don’t believe I really bake, lol. What i create is art in a cake with very delicate designs, so it’s hard for people to think someone like me can make cakes like that. I love what I do. And people often ask how I bake so much but remain so skinny.

Victor calls this chocolatey masterpiece The Queen B

Corey Andrew: And now, you’re raising funds to open your cake shop. Congratulations! What made you want to go from cake making as your side hustle to a full-fledged business?


Victor: Baking is like therapy for me. As I’ve said before, it’s a passion and a way to express myself artistically. I have always wanted to open a coffee/ bakery shop, so now is the time. I started baking here in Fort Lauderdale a year ago and selling online. Based on the demand, living in a one-bedroom apartment and baking from home has become difficult. And that’s why I embrace the idea of opening a storefront, but I need a little extra help. So, I started a gofundme campaign. Thanks to many friends, I’ve already reached 50% of my goal, 

Opening a bakery will help me a lot but not just me. The main reason I came to this country was to help my family and one day be able to bring them here, so this store will make that dream come true.

Corey Andrew: I see you make so many amazing cakes; carrot cake, chocolate cakes, lemon cake..all these different cakes. But what is your favorite cake?


Victor: That’s an excellent question, haha. I love all my cakes. They are all different and unique somehow, but my favorite and best cake, hands down, is carrot cake. It’s so rich in flavor; the cream cheese frosting is everything. Combined with the cake, it’s the perfect cake for any occasion. I love it with coffee in the morning. Yum!

A beautifully baked and decorated carrot cake with tiny orange carrots made from the icing
Victor’s favorite— his specialty Carrot Cake

Corey Andrew: I know baking is part science and part creativity, but you make it look sexy as well with all those naughty kitchen pics. Do you really bake naked, wearing just your apron? Or is that only for thirst trap pics?

Victor: Lol, well, honestly, I don’t like clothes. I am naked as much as I can be, so yes, I bake naked. And my partner is not mad about that idea —at all! 


Corey Andrew: That is a perfect segue to discuss your work as a photographer and erotic model both in front and behind the camera. You are quite an exhibitionist and have a beautiful physique as a model. You also have a natural eye for shooting gorgeous still-life images. Are you still doing photography and modeling in addition to the new baking venture?

Victor & Aaron

Victor: Photography and modeling are part of who I am. They are a part of my many passions, and yes, I still do — but less than I would like. I have little free time now, but I capture some moments here and there. I was a model for a local photographer last year, and my boyfriend and I recently took some beautiful sexy photos together.

Corey Andrew: You are stunning in front of the camera — both of you, as many people know from following your OnlyFans account (NSFW), but I want to know is how you and your man keep your bodies so lean and ripped while eating all that cake. I’d be 300 lbs!


Victor: Haha! That’s a question we hear very often. The honest answer is, I don’t know because we do eat cakes, cupcakes, and cookies very often. There is always something sweet at home. We do work out a lot, though, and also we love to dance on the weekends. So that helps.

Corey Andrew: Lol Yes, I guess it does, obviously. Lastly, congratulations on almost selling out of all your cakes and cookies at the recent Bears In the Alley Street Fair at The Eagle —Wilton Manors! That’s great. I wish you great success with your Gofundme campaign for Victors Cakes. Would you like to express to the public what their donations would mean in helping you start your business?

Victor: Thank you so much for everything, Corey. And to anyone who takes the time to read my interview, a donation will mean a lot to me for many reasons. This is a dream I’ve had for a long time. Since I was a young man, I’ve been working hard and chasing that dream for years. Now I am one step closer to making it a reality, and you guys will be a big part of helping me achieve that goal.

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