Victoria Beckham on Shirtless Husband: “You’re Welcome.”

Photo Credit: @DavidBeckham on Instagram

It’s the pre-emptive ‘you’re welcome’ for me.

Another month, another nearly naked photo of soccer star David Beckham, courtesy of his wife Victoria.


This time, the former Spice Girl and fashion mogul appears to have snapped a photo of her husband after completing a hearty workout. I mean work out, work out – not a “work out.” 

Here’s the latest thirst trap. 


Does nothing for me, actually, but I can definitely see the appeal that others may find attractive. Without a doubt, though, David is certainly charming and the stamina he must have after years on the field. 

To me, this is all a sign of a healthy relationship because Victoria isn’t scared to let others gaze upon the nearly naked form of her husband. The couple married a quarter of a century ago and share four children… and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!

While we await the upcoming Spice Girls news (you haven’t heard? Google it.) and wait to see another thirst trap from Mr. Beckham, let’s take a look at some of his highlights below.



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