VidCon to Showcase LGBTQ Influencers in Panels & Variety Show

The largest celebration of online & digital creators in the world & organization that continues to empower and support LGBTQ+ youth in a multitude of ways are joining forces. VidCon & It Gets Better Project are combining their respective talents and abilities to continue celebrating & elevating LGBTQ+ voices. They will be working to offer queer representation in areas such as beauty, fashion, & gaming. VidCon will be amplifying queer voices & representation with some high-profile LGBTQ online influencers during VidCon US, which kicks off June 22-25, 2022. 


Panels at VidCon will showcase everything from fashion (Fashion Fluid), online gaming (Gayming) and representation (LGBTQ+ Represent). Along with the panels, The It Gets Better Project is going to be making recommendations on LGBTQ+ creators who are going to be hosting, performing & appearing at VidCon’s brand-new Pride Night event. The inaugural event will be showcasing dance numbers, performance mashups, and cast appearances throughout the event, with a variety show actually taking place in the VidCon area! 

Ross von Metzke, Director of Communications & PR for The It Gets Better project sees their partnership with VidCon as the perfect opportunity to raise up these much-needed LGBTQ+ voices. “So much of the work we do at the It Gets Better Project involves LGBTQ+ creators, whether it’s quick-bite, wisdom-based advice on our TikTok channel, impactful live conversations on Instagram, or creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth to gather on Twitch. 

“VidCon is doing important work by amplifying queer stories and creators through this year’s panel discussions. We are excited to work with them to cultivate meaningful conversations and inspire LGBTQ+ youth to find community and live their best lives.”


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